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We will not have hard copies of panel materials this year, so you are encouraged to download or print out any materials you would like to reference during the panel. The court does not have wifi available, so please download before arriving.

Recent Developments in the Vaccine Program

Recent Developments in Bid Protest and Agency Jurisprudence

The Anatomy of a Section 1498 Case

Kicking Down the Doors of Construction Law – How Three Talented Women
Thrive in a Male-Dominated Industry
(No Materials)

Ethics: Attorneys’ Fees and Billing Practices

State of the Court
(No Materials)

Plenary Session on CM/ECF NextGen                                                                      

The Law and Science of Climate Change Attribution (PPT)


The Law and Science of Climate Change Attribution (PDF)

Tax Refund Suit Discovery, FBAR Litigation, and Upcoming Issues                                            

Informal Resolution of Damages – Vaccine                                                         

Meet the New Judges and Special Masters
(No Materials)


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